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Every day I have the joy and privilege of helping other people on the path of life look for and discover their destiny as it rolls out in front of them. I help them seek out the guidance that comes from intuition, circumstances, and oftentimes from the dark seasons that life brings to all of us. I help them to understand that the darkness leads to the light if they will only look for what it is trying to teach them and embrace it. A calling is for everyone, not just the special ones, but it is the special ones that seek and find it.

But knowing your calling and your gifting, or even having a strong faith in God, is not enough. Living out a fully-evolved life requires much more than just having a sense of your destiny.  To fulfil your ultimate truth, where you will flourish and be a blessing to others requires that you take heed of the biblical parable about the wise man who builds his house on a rock and not on sand.  

I want to share a lifetime of experience in helping people build their life on a strong and stable foundation of intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity so you can live out the full potential of your calling. As we will discuss your level of wisdom (or lack of it) emanates from this unseen foundation, deep within you and often below your consciousness. It creates the values, habits and behaviours that are lived out in your daily life.

Upon that foundation I will show you how to construct each of the eight vital building blocks of the house of your life (Love & Family, Meaningful Work, Health & Wellness, Self-Nurturing, Friends and Community, Finances and Wealth, Play and Recreation and Legacy and Contribution).  We don’t need to tell people what we believe and value, our lives and how we live will speak louder and more truthfully than anything we can say.

Why are some of us held back and not able to “push” through the shadow of our creative process to bring our dreams and vision into reality? Why is it so hard to be true to yourself as Shakespeare urges, with your behaviours and actions springing from your deepest values and ethics?

This happens when we fail to recognize that there is a civil war within our innermost foundations. The daily battle between your intellect (I think) your emotions (I feel) and your spirit (I believe) determines which one controls your behaviour. The immature and mature dimensions battle, often unconsciously within you, and day by day determine which will control your behaviour.  Each of these three armies engaged in our civil war have different goals, motivations, capabilities and levels of maturity.

The greatest battles we will ever fight are always within ourselves. The more conscious we are of our internal civil war, the greater insight and ability we will have to control our instincts and behaviour.  We are ultimately here to live out the dreams and vision of our spirit and we can only accomplish that if we have control over our mind and emotions. The greatest friend or enemy we will ever have is looking at us in the mirror.  We need to know him or her well. The battle is in the mind, unseen, often unknown and unconscious, and can steal your life and purpose away from you.

I will explore all of this in my weekly blog, and look forward to a dialog with you about your personal stories and life lessons. I look forward to interviewing a wide variety of people at different stages in their lives and careers on how they are wrestling with the fundamental questions in their lives. I look forward to making this journey with you.

A background to all this can be found in my new book “Finding the Port that has Your Name” which has recently been published as an e-book on Amazon. You can find it Here.

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