Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain: Why do people commit suicide?

What do Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have in common, besides the fact they each shocked us by taking their own lives?  They were each famous: Kate Spade the designer of iconic handbags, and Anthony Bourdain the celebrity chef who toured the gastronomic world in a CNN series. They were each at the pinnacle of their chosen fields. So what was so wrong with their lives that suicide felt like the “right” solution to end their pain?


Are You (or is Someone You Know) a Narcissist?

My husband and I were at a party last weekend for a charity function. Most of the attendees from my
observation seemed educated, well dressed and normal. As I “travelled around the room” meeting
people, some of the people I found were lovely, talked about their lives and asked about mine….just
normal “how do you do” conversation. However, there were several people when I asked about their
connection to the charitable event who began talking, and talking, and talking. They told me, what
seemed to be, the unending story of their lives. This I could deal with except for the fact that after 20
minutes of conversation they had asked nothing, nada, zero about me or my life. They ended our
“conversation” by saying it was so nice to meet me and moved on to their next “victim”. 


The Shadow in Action

What would people say about you:  Are you kind? Seek to understand? Listen as well as talk? Have compassion for those less fortunate? Are you generous?   Do you offer to help, or do you judge?


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