Marital Harmony: Meryl, Pauletta, Melinda and I talk about our husbands

OK, I am going to be real with you now. Get ready. My husband is a “Thinker” an M.D., Ph.D. imagine the brain work in that! He was a professor at Harvard Medical School no less! Some questions on the S.A.T test are even taken from some books he has written. Get the point, see what I am up against?! He deals in data, hard facts, numbers.  I have feelings and when feelings meet thinking in a heated moment there can be trouble!


My husband rarely gets angry (which at times infuriates me!). He is logical and has a 10 point plan for everything.  Generally speaking I am sweet, nice, considerate, charming . (I was even nominated for homecoming queen!!) However, there are occasions when I am too busy with work, people, things to do and even a sweet person like me can “lose” it!  Then things can get “hot and heatedat my house.   Does that ever happen at your house?

I keep thinking does Meryl Streep ever just lose it with her husband Donald Gummer? Or Melinda Gates with Bill? or Pauletta Washington with Denzel?  I just bet they do! I sincerely thi

nk if Pauletta, Melinda and Meryl and I lived close by we should start a small women’s group  JUST TO COMPLAIN ABOUT OUR HUSBANDS!!!  And remember Meryl, Melinda, Pauletta and I are all in our first marriages…so you can see how hard we have tried over the years!!  But I tell you that Bill Gates, Denzel Washington and Don Gummer and Martin Moore-Ede can just test us all!  And we still love them.  We love them a lot. We have kids with them. We parent together.  We have “date nights” together, go to movies together. I remember you Meryl, in your movie with Jack Nicolson, the one where you were pregnant and he was having an affair with Thelma and left you!  Don, Denzel , Bill and Martin would never do that…that’s a good thing in their favor.  I guess we are lucky to have the husbands we do, but of course they are lucky to have us and I think they know it

So I guess it seems that regardless if you are famous or not famous, rich or not so rich, a movie star, artist, therapist, doctor, lawyer, teacher, work for the IRS, a pastor, politician; that whoever we are, if we are married we probably face similar issues in all of our lives and each couple in their own way has to work everything out.

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