The Civil War within: how we can sabotage ourselves!

Most of us don’t realize that there is a “civil war” going on inside each of us.  For instance:  have you ever wanted to lose weight? So you bought a diet book that was highly recommended, bought all the food on the list, made your plan and then what happened?  You lost some weight and then gained it back in two weeks after your diet was over! So why does that keep happening to us? 

call this dilemma the “Civil War” within each of us. This is the battle between:

What you “THINK”: your intellect (I want to lose weight),

What you “FEEL’’: your emotions (But I love food) and

What you “BELIEVE”: your spirit (I need to be healthy).

This is a dilemma we can all understand. It happens when we decide to diet, clean up the garage, write that book…etc. Our emotions are not in line with what we think (I need to lose weight) or with our beliefs (I have to lose this weight to be healthy). But our emotions are crying out loudly, “I want, I need, and I will have any, and all the food I want. Period.

This dilemma doesn’t have to be about food, it can be about anything challenging that we want to achieve.  But in order for us to succeed at the task, we have to exert self-control, and usually some level of denying ourselves some things to gain something better.

The cornerstones and the stability of the house of life that we each build depends on how the three internal parts of us communicate with each other.  If we are not aware of this unseen battle, it will usually be the most immature part of us that “yells the loudest” that will win the battle.

Why are some of us held back and not able to “push” through the shadow of our creative process to bring our dreams and vision into reality? Why is it so hard to be true to yourself as Shakespeare urges, with your behaviors and actions springing from your deepest values and ethics? No one ever starts out trying to be lousy husband, father, wife, mother, parent, employee etc. but still it happens. What is going on?

When we fail to recognize that there is a civil war within our innermost foundations it sabotages our life. The daily battle between your intellect (I think) your emotions (I feel) and your spirit (I believe) determines which one controls your behavior. The immature and mature dimensions of you battle, often unconsciously within you, and day by day determine which will control your behavior.  Each of these three armies engaged in our civil war have different goals, motivations, capabilities and levels of maturity.

The greatest battles we will ever fight are always within ourselves. The more conscious we are of our internal civil war, the greater insight and ability we will have to control our instincts and behavior. We are ultimately here to live out the dreams and vision of our spirit and we can only accomplish that if we have control over our mind and emotions. The greatest friend or enemy we will ever have is looking at us in the mirror. We need to know him or her well. This battle in the mind, unseen, often unknown and unconscious, and can steal your life and purpose away from you.

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