What is Sophrosune?

The most common mistranslations of Sophrosune are “temperance,” with its unfortunate Alcoholics Anonymous connotation, or “moderation” which only touches on one small element of the concept. Ancient philosophers and modern academics have eruditely discussed the multiple facets of Sophrosune, but have failed to give us a one-word translation. In fact, Sophrosune describes the attributes of a person who follows their calling, knows their strengths and weaknesses, and whose actions and behaviors consistently match their ideals and intentions. Sophrosune is that state of living in the flow of your calling.

Sophrosune makes possible the sense of inner peace and contentment which can only be achieved through a deep, insightful, and accurate understanding of who you really are; what is your calling; and where is your true place in the world around you. Only by achieving the virtue of Sophrosune can you evolve into a person who is fully comfortable and accepting of all your unique aspects. And, however humble your role, Sophrosune enables you to energetically and completely fulfill your personal mission on this planet.

Ultimately, Sophrosune means living with the end game in mind. When the last day of your life comes, you will know that you lived out your calling with integrity and were true to the purpose for which you were here, and your legacy will be life-affirming for both those you love and all who come after you.