One of our main goals in life is understanding why we are here on the earth.  It is only through this revelation that we can have a deep, personal understanding of the “port” and “destiny” we are heading toward, that is ours to claim.  That “revelation” begins through self-knowledge, deep self-awareness and a yearning to use your skills, intelligence, imagination and spirit to guide you along your journey to be all you can be.


The Civil War within: how we can sabotage ourselves!

Most of us don’t realize that there is a “civil war” going on inside each of us.  For instance:  have you ever wanted to lose weight? So you bought a diet book that was highly recommended, bought all the food on the list, made your plan and then what happened?  You lost some weight and then gained it back in two weeks after your diet was over! So why does that keep happening to us? 


Senator John McCain: The Personification of Resilience and Character

An American hero of our time died last week, and I don’t use the term hero lightly. His story, his acts of heroism, his resilience against all odds, and his unbelievable bravery seem like a story you read in a book or see in a movie.  But they were not fiction. They were his reality, his story and his demonstration of internal strength, decency and a deep commitment to others. John McCain was the personification of resilience and character.


Resilience: how do you handle disappointment & loss?

Bad things happen.  Things we didn’t expect or see coming. We are shocked, surprised, stunned and left wondering why is it happening to me? To us? To our family?  We wonder what have we done wrong to deserve this?  How will we make it through, and will we make it through?  Can we survive it and ever be the same again?


The Final Goodbye

My brother Larry is in hospice care in Austin Texas.  He is dying.
My husband and I were planning on flying to see him next weekend, but have been told we
should be there this weekend.  Things are moving quickly now. The end is in sight.


Marital Harmony: Meryl, Pauletta, Melinda and I talk about our husbands

OK, I am going to be real with you now. Get ready. My husband is a “Thinker” an M.D., Ph.D. imagine the brain work in that! He was a professor at Harvard Medical School no less! Some questions on the S.A.T test are even taken from some books he has written. Get the point, see what I am up against?! He deals in data, hard facts, numbers.  I have feelings and when feelings meet thinking in a heated moment there can be trouble!


We are what we DO, NOT what we intended to do

When we reach a certain age (usually in our early 20s) we being to ask some fundamental question about life:  What do I want to be and do in life?  What will my career be? Who do I want to marry?  What kind of wife/husband will I choose to be? Do I want to have children?  How will I choose to raise my children?


Meryl Streep & Me

Everyone loves Meryl Streep.  She’s beautiful, talented, has great kids, a loving husband, and is a 20-time Oscar nominee. If I didn’t love her, I would hate her for being so perfect in everything.  So how does she do it?